5 tips for an Instagram giveaway

One of the best ways of to gain Instagram followers is to have a giveaway.

Here are a few tips on running the perfect giveaway:

1. Find a collaborator – Look for an ambassador or another brand to work with (tip: maybe someone that has more followers than you?) Influencers also give you great leverage; read more here

2. Choose your product wisely – Pick something you know your followers will love. It should be something that you think represents your brand well; it’s important to not only to choose what you like but also listen to your followers and people around you – what products are they interested in? You will get a more hits and followers if you choose something that you know they’ll enjoy. Also be sure to choose a product you can afford to give away for free!

3. Follow you, follow me, and tag two friends – The best giveaway format is: Follow me, follow the other brand/ambassador in the giveaway and tag two friends in the comment field. Works every time!

4. Timing is important –  Don't let the giveaway run for too long. 2-3 days is perfect; you'll be able to get a few posts in during the giveaway to convince your new followers of your validity and cool-factor as a brand.

5. Update regularly – Keep posting new pictures between reminders to follow. This increases the chances that your existing followers won't get bored. Some new followers will drop off; that’s just reality. At the end of the day, you'll have gained a new audience, and that's what really matters!

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