5 tips on email marketing

Email is one of the quickest and most effective ways to market your shop and engage shoppers.

Effective email marketing is really about sending relevant, interesting and timely content to your audience. Be sure to:

  • Construct a clear and direct message
  • Use an aesthetic that matches your brand, but puts the content at the forefront
  • Include one strong call to action, linked to the right landing page

We recommend using Sendicate to easily send emails and get performance metrics that will help you grow.

Here are five tips to help you optimize your email marketing strategy:

1. Send regularly

The key to email marketing is regularity. We suggest sending at least one monthly newsletter to your shoppers and/or followers, as well as periodic updates, for example, when you add new products or are having a sale.  

Pro tips:

  • Schedule out your newsletter for the entire year, and be sure to block off a few days ahead of your planned send day to prep the email.
  • Use an email service that offers templates and makes composing fast, so you spend your time on the content.

2. Prompt visitors to join your list

Email collection pop-ups can help you collect up to 600% more addresses than an on-page widget. Use a app like Follow Plus (available in the Tictail App Store) or Sumome List Builder to prompt your visitors to follow your shop and join your mailing list. 

Here are couple of quick pop-up tips:

  • Don’t annoy people. Set your pop-up to appear only to first time visitors or only reappear once a month.
  • Offer people something in exchange for their email address: it could be first access to sales or a coupon off.
  • Subscribers want to be the first to hear about new products, sales, offers, or giveaways, so be sure to send them 

Pro tip:

  • You can also embed an email collection widget on the header or footer of your Tictail shop, for shoppers who ignore the initial pop up, but want to sign up after browsing your shop a bit.

3. Create an automated funnel

We recommend setting up an automated email flow, particularly for new subscribers to increase engage. Start with an immediate "Welcome!" email to thank the shopper for following your shop and introduce them to your brand.  Then, space out a few more emails over the next days and weeks. In these emails, you can feature great products, cool stories, and sales or discounts. Keep in mind not to make these emails about ‘selling’ - it’s more about sharing interesting content with your customers, and providing them with something to engage with in their inbox.

4. Get personal

Personalized emails can get up to 6x more opens than standardized emails. 

Personalizing emails can be easy if you collect your subscribers names in addition to their email addresses. Most email providers let you use ‘Merge Fields’ to insert your subscribers' personal information emails.  In Sendicate, for example, you just include {name} in an email body, and it will automatically include the name of each individual subscriber. 

A salutation like, "Hey there {name}," will get you more opens and clicks than you'd imagine. 

5. Check your Results, and optimize

Start looking at data after you send out a few emails. In your email service, you'll generally have reporting tools that can provide you with open and click through rates as well as help you measure sales or revenue per send. Looking at this information should help you determine what kind of emails do well amongst your subscribers, where they're clicking, and what they're engaging with most. 

Sendicate is a great tool get the right data to understand what is resonating with your subscribers and make improvements to your communications.

Pro tip:

Subject lines have a huge impact on open rates!  Keep the number of characters below 30 (the shorter  the better, really), use informal language, and avoid using exclamation marks! Here are some more tips for writing subject lines.

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