Boost visibility in our marketplace

To be considered for inclusion on Tictail’s homepage and curated collections, we suggest that you:

1. Offer international shipping

Tictail shoppers will only be able to browse and discover brands that ship to their country. To reach a wider audience, we suggest shipping your products internationally. Learn more about international shipping here.

2. Upload a cover image to their brand page

Your cover photo will be displayed underneath your logo on your brand page. You can use any kind of stock or brand imagery here, but we suggest an image that complements your logo in terms of color and style and well represents your brand personality. Read more here.

3. Write a detailed "About" section

We know your products speak for themselves, but it’s important to also put what your brand is all about into words. This is where your About page comes into play; spend some quality time working on this page and relaying your brand identity. Read more about writing an About page here.

4. Provide verified contact information

Your shoppers need to know how to get in touch with you. Encourage them to get in touch via Tictail Talk, and provide your email address at the bottom of your About page. If you have a physical shop, your About page is also a great place to promote your business and give directions to your shop!

5. Have clear and captivating product descriptions

This is your chance to tell the story behind your products. It’s important not only that product descriptions entice the shopper to engage with your brand and purchase the product, but also give the shoppers the basics. Be sure to include sizing and dimensions, materials used, imperfections, or anything else your shoppers should know before purchasing.

6. Offer multiple product images per product

When it comes to product image: the more, the better -- always. Shoppers want to see what the product looks like being made, standing alone, in its environment, on a model, in a hand, next to a similar product ... the list is endless.  Don’t hesitate to upload a variety of product images for each product listing to give your shoppers context about the product.

7. Keep it simple

A simple, clean and consistent brand page will better highlight the products in your shop. It’s best to use high-quality images using uniform styling and of similar aesthetic. To get some product styling tips, check out this post.

Here are some examples of simply-styled shops:

Utilitario Mexicano :

Melo Studio :



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