Be a shipping all-star

Keep your shoppers in the loop.

We’ve found that shoppers who receive shipping and tracking information from brands on Tictail are 25% more likely to shop again.

It's just as important to retain your current customers as it is to find new ones. Stats to remember: it’s often less expensive to retain existing customers and, for each recurring customer, order value tends to increase over time!

Sending the “mark as shipped” message to your shoppers is one of the simplest tasks in your dashboard and the easiest way to keep shoppers coming back. The last thing you want is your shoppers to stress about when they’ll receive their order. Preemptively eliminate stress and delight your customers by providing them with all the information they didn’t even know they wanted upfront.

As soon as you’ve sent the shopper’s order, all you have to do is "mark it as shipped" in your dashboard. Your shopper will then receive a push notification or email informing them that their package is on its way. Be sure to include tracking information in the message so your shoppers can follow their order’s progress with just one click! Learn more here.

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