5 tips for perfect product images

how to take product photos

At Tictail, we appreciate great photography, and there's no doubt that shoppers are more likely to purchase from shops with professional product imagery. Just remember, when it comes to product images, the more, the better -- always.

Here are a few tips for taking professional photos of your own products:

1. Be mindful of photo quality

Always use high quality images; shoppers respond better to clear images in well-lit environments. Blurry, pixelated, dark, poorly-angled, or cropped images disengage shoppers and diminish trust.

2. Keep consistent

There's something about a simple, consistent aesthetic that captivates consumers. We recommend taking images on the same model or in the same environment with a neutral background. Don't get messy with a mix professional photos with images taken with your mobile. We also recommend avoiding stock imagery.



Here are some examples of shops with great simple aesthetics: 

Utilitario Mexicano : https://tictail.com/s/utilitariomexicano

Melo Studio : https://tictail.com/s/melostudio

Monochromatiques: https://tictail.com/s/monochromatiques

 3. Display the entire product

It’s important that the whole product is visible in the image so customers know exactly what the product looks like before clicking the listing. Cropped photo definitely don't give off a professional vibe and often deter shoppers from clicking in to view more of the product.


4. Highlight the details

Provide your shoppers with the details of the product. Whether it be the lining of a jacket, the hidden compartment of a purse, buttons, pockets, labels, cool intricacies and patterns - you name it, your shoppers want to see it. Just remember that this type of photo is better used as a secondary image.


5. Show lifestyle shots or the products in context

We want to see your products in the real world and on real people.  Shoppers love to see what the product looks like in a home, on a model, next to a complementary product, etc.  Don’t hesitate to upload a variety of product images to each product listing to give your shoppers some context and make them dream!


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