10 reasons you should offer a discount

To be honest, you don't really need a reason to offer a discount. Shoppers love deals, and special offers are likely to increase conversion so there's no better time than now!

On Tictail, there are two ways to offer discounted prices: 

1. The discount app allows you to create percent or money-off promo codes and discounts for certain products or throughout your shop.

2. The sale price feature lets you put certain products on sale in your dashboard. Any shoppers who has saved the product to their shopper profile will receive a notification letting them know that the product is now on sale!

Here are a few excuses to offer a discount:

1. A new collection

No better time to put last season's best on sale than when the latest collection arrives in store.

2. The weather... no, seriously!

Why not offer a rainy-day special on umbrellas? Or a blizzard promo code on winter apparel?

3. You got a new follower

Thank them for their interest in your shop with a special offer on first-time purchases! 

4. You added a new product to your shop

Do a 24-hour flash sale to promote a new product.

5. Holidays

There's always some sort of holiday you can use as an excuse. Otherwise, why not just pick a random national or international holiday or festival?

6. It's your brand's anniversary

This calls for celebration! Mark your calendars and propose shoppers an offer they just can't turn down.

7. It's someone's birthday

Celebrate someone you really admire or love with a discount in their honor.

8. You're running low on stock

If you've only got a couple of one style left, offer the last few pieces for a few bucks off!

9. Incentivize larger orders

Give people a reason to shop more by offering a special on larger purchases (e.g. "10% off purchases of $50 or more, 25% off purchases of $100 or more).

10. You've been featured

If someone has featured you or your fantastic brand, you should make an occasion out of it!


Most importantly: be sure to email your followers promoting the sale, or post the offer in your social channels!

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