4 ways to delight your shoppers

Delighting your customers is the easiest way to bring them back. It's simple: retain your shoppers by showing them how much you appreciate their business!

Here are four super easy ways to delight your shoppers

1. Throw in an extra gift. Include something small, like a sticker, a greeting card, or some random swag; your shopper will be thrilled to get an extra something in their package!

2. Offer them a deal. Shoot your shopper an email with a personal discount code to use on their next order. Incentivize them to keep coming back - because as we know, repeat customers are the best customers!

3. Write a thank you note - by hand. A personal note, addressed to the shopper is an unbelievably simple yet effective way to show your appreciation.


4. Engage and follow up with your shoppers. Send a follow-up email or Tictail Talk message asking them if they're enjoying the product. You should also follow your customer on Instagram or other social media sites, like and comment on their posts, and recognize if they are wearing or displaying one of your products! 

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