4 pointers on excellent customer service

The one thing that will set you apart from corporate brands is outstanding customer service -- this is your opportunity to stand out!

Here are four helpful tips to help you provide shoppers with an excellent experience that will keep them coming back:

1. Make it personal

Being a small brand comes with perks; spend some extra time with each one of your customers! Some great gestures we've seen?

  • Add a personal thank you note to show your appreciation for their support
  • Offer them a personal discount code to use on their next purchase
  • Follow them on social media and thank them publicly

2. Always respond immediately

If a customer has questions about your product, your return policy, or their shipping information always respond right away! Go above and beyond to not only answer their question, but give them any additional information they might find useful.

If you go on vacation, be sure to clearly tell your shoppers about the potential delay in your online shop and in your email auto-response. You wouldn't want to leave your customers hanging.

3. Be generous when it comes to returns and exchanges

If a customer wants to return, exchange or be refunded for an item, do your best to grant their request. If you don't want to offer returns or exchanges, be sure to explicitly state that in your shop's return policy. Although it's not always possible to give them the best experience you can -- if nothing else, a discount on their next purchase?

4. Follow up

The golden rule. We recommend you personally follow up with your customer after their order has arrived to check in and get their feedback; it's best to wait two to three weeks after the purchase was shipped. See if they liked it, if it fits, or if it looks good in their home! Try using Tictail Talk to get in touch. 


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