Boosting sales during a slow month

Let’s face it. Some months (January) are slower than others.  Caroline Hjerpethe founder of the Swedish jewelry brand, explains that she's had months where she could barely keep up with orders, and months where days went by without any customers. To give yourself a boost during those slow months, here are a few of her tips:

1. Discounts

"There's no better time than now to offer a discount! Try offering a “20% off any product for 20 hours”-discount. That way you incentivize shoppers to buy now and won't have to worry about losing profit over a long period of time!"

2. Add more images to your products

"Once you show how your products look in the real world, shoppers will see why they need it. It’s best to have at least 3-4 images on each product -- as we've seen, the more product images you add, the better your sales are likely to be! In fact, each extra photo corresponds with an incremental boosts in sales. I also encourage you can to link to your Instagram in your About page so your customers can see even more pics!"

3. Free shipping

"This makes people go wild, worldwide! As much as people love a discount, they hate paying for shipping. Free shipping is a way to get more people across the globe to buy your products, and it will probably cost you less than having a discount. Tip! Similar to discounts, add a time limited to your free shipping offer to incentivize shoppers."

4. Offer a package deal

"Sell a package with some of your most popular products to help shoppers pick out the best of your work and increase their order value. Tip! Partner up with another brand you like, and make a package deal with them. This will get both of you a wider range of customers."

5. Get ambassadors who can wear/use your product

"It-girls, it-guys, it-people. Getting someone popular on social media to wear or use your product and mention you at the same time will most definitely boost your sales. Find your brand ambassador today!"

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