Why is my shop considered inactive?

We understand that for various reasons, a shop may become abandoned or forgotten, without being put offline or deleted. To ensure the best possible shopping experience for customers—and to prevent shop owners from receiving orders they can’t or won’t fulfil—we've designed an automated process for temporarily disabling inactive shops.

If you've gone 60 days without logging in to your dashboard (via web or mobile app), your shop will be considered inactive and you'll be sent an automatic email alerting you of this change. If you do not log in to your shop within the following seven days, we will temporarily disable your shop and put it offline.

What should I do if I have received a warning email?

All you need to do is to log in to your shop's dashboard and your shop will automatically be marked as active and remain open to shoppers. If you have the mobile app you can just start it and open your shop's main screen.

How can I activate my shop again, if it was put offline?

If your shop was temporarily disabled due to inactivity, you can open it back up again by following the simple steps in our help article on the topic.

How to indicate that your shop is active?

If you're regularly managing your shop through the Tictail web dashboard or mobile app your shop will be considered active.

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